Planet of the Daleks Drone (2)



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Planet of the Daleks (1973)

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History Daleks #8 Planet of the Daleks 1972 collector figure set

This 1972 Dalek story was wildly ambitious in scope, intending to feature a full Dalek Army. The existing three props were therefore bulked out by the arrival of brand new Dalek props. The episode also gave the Daleks new voices.

In the story the Daleks have enslaved the Planet Spiradon, and are carrying out experiments into invisibility and biological weapons. Meanwhile a group of Thals from the Daleks’ home planet are already trying to thwart their plans, but unbeknown, there is an army of 10,000 Daleks hidden on the planet.  This ‘army builder’ set features two ‘drone’ style Daleks as seen in the story in their full black and metallic grey splendour. Both Daleks also have new eyestalks based on one of the variants seen onscreen. Never have the Daleks looked so purposeful, militaristic and threatening onscreen.