Endoskeleton Assault, Bronze


Terminator, Robocop

Año de lanzamiento


Tipo de lanzamiento

2-Pack, Boxed

Serie u ola

Material de origen

Robocop vs Terminator

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Endoskeleton Assault, Bronze
Endoskeleton Assault, Bronze

Inspired by the classic video game, Robocop vs. The Terminator! Released in late 1993 for the popular 16-bit home console, the game answered the burning question of sci-fi fans worldwide: which man/machine would win in a fight? The “future of law enforcement” or the actual future? This special 2-pack includes blue and red versions of the Terminator Endoskeleton with paint deco that re-creates the video game shading. Both figures are exclusive to this set and come complete with plasma rifles.